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Handmade is an international movement of low-level programmers of all ages (the manifesto was written by a developer who was barely 18.)

The movement was inspirited by Handmade Hero: people started projects related to its themes while deepening their understanding of machines. Individuals who had similar projects found a home here too. Gems have become prominent like 4coder, Nira, The Melodist, RemedyBG, Bitwise, and Odin, to name just a few.

Handmade Hero ran two successful conferences, after which we “took over” as the spiritual successor. For our first 2019 conference three-hundred people visited Seattle, proving the continued desire to discuss projects and share expertise.

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This conference has no sponsors. Zero. With the exception of partners we work with (and give money to), we don’t take on external companies. Why?

First, we have fierce respect for developers who decide to learn low-level programming. We want to inspire the next generation of kernel developers, compiler writers, tooling engineers, game engine programmers, and more. Inspiration best occurs when content is laser-focused. Sponsors that give us money have influence over production, and in turn might corrupt our vision.

Second, it’s a long journey to develop mastery over computer systems. No one should feel ashamed for not knowing a lower-level concept yet. It takes time. And since developing ourselves takes effort, when visiting a conference we deserve the uninterrupted opportunity to learn a little something, enjoy ourselves, and make like-minded friends.

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General inquiries may be done by e-mail or post.

Email: abner@handmade-seattle.com

1329 N 47th St
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