Featured Speakers

  • Mike Acton

    Principal Engineer at Unity

    DOD Breakdown of an OOP Sample

  • Elizabeth Baumel

    Software Engineer at Unity

    Good times with a pile of GPUs

  • Tom Forsyth

    Intel CPU & GPU Architect

    Inventing an Instruction Set

  • Fabian Giesen

    RAD Game Tools Engineer

    Let’s Talk about Queues


Special Footage

  • Devon | tek256

    Devon graciously vlogged special moments of the 2019 conference.

Regarding speaker recordings: We had a great cameraman volunteer and through no fault of his own Handmade Seattle 2019 experienced significant A/V difficulties. Much of the footage is known to be intact but we've lost contact with him since the start of COVID-19. As such, official recordings are in hiatus.


Featured Projects

  • Alxm

    Video games for different systems, old and new.

  • Binary Ninja

    A new kind of reversing platform.

  • Cute Headers

    Cross-platform one-file C/C++ libraries with no dependencies.

  • IXM

    CMake library for writing modern flexible CMake.

  • JangaFX

    Real-time VFX tools for artists and game designers.

  • LOVR

    A virtual reality framework.

  • Nira

    Instant real-time access to 3D assets.

  • Odin Language

    Fast, concise, readable, pragmatic and open-sourced.

  • Our Machinery

    A new kind of game engine.

  • Riscy Business

    Handmade toolchain for RISC-V. Educational series.

  • raylib

    Handmade custom tools tailored for your pipeline.

  • Principle

    Animate your ideas, design better apps.

  • 4coder

    Customizable native code editor.

  • Zig Language

    Designed for robustness, optimality, and maintainability.

  • The Melodist

    A game world where the lines of music and physical reality are blurred.