Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the common questions we receive. If your question isn’t here, e-mail us! Frequently Asked Question Image

1. What is Handmade Seattle?

Read our origin story.

2. What does buying a ticket do?

For 2020, tickets are optional since we’re streaming. However, if you support us by buying a ticket, you’ll be given access to a private chat. Other ticket holders, speakers, and contributors will be there!

3. Why can’t everything be free?

Physical conferences cost us thousands of dollars, months before ticket sales begin! In Seattle, large venues start in the range of 5-10k, with the best conference halls asking you to call because the price is too obscene. We’re talking about the price for an empty venue. Insurance, staffing, and A/V equipment are deals you strike separately.

Online events cost less thanks to reduced infrastructure, so ticket prices go down. Cost isn’t zero because Handmade Seattle will give some recompense to contributors, pay partners, pay commissioned content, pay to spread word of the event, hire part-time contractors and upgrade equipment.

We are also ultimately a business, and a bit of income will incentivize us to host future events.

4. Are refunds available?

We don’t process refunds, so think it over before supporting us! If you can’t attend, send an e-mail and we’ll transfer the ticket to anyone you request.

5. Where is the stream taking place?

On Twitch and this website.

6. Why are ticket sales limited?

Tickets for an online event can’t be unlimited. Chat moderation, server resources, etc. must be taken into account. We encourage you to register early; prices will increase as demand grows.

7. I never managed to login to the private chat.

Hopefully something like this never happens, but note that the event will stream for free. The private chat will stay live for several weeks and we can work with you as soon as we see your calls for help, even if it means adding your username and password manually.