A Call for Software Projects

Reveal it in Seattle!

We’re looking for developers to take over demo booths.

Our conference is showcasing 20 software demos by low-level programmers both aspiring and veterans:

  • Have you been working on a debugger, editor, compiler, terminal emulator, profiler, program visualization tool, or even an operating system?

  • Do you have a web game or tool that uses high-level stacks, but you value taking a peek behind the curtains, exposing abstractions and making informed decisions that has left your software better off?

If examples such as these apply to you or someone you know, it might be time to reveal that to the entire world (more realistically, to ~300 people.) Commercial software is allowed, but the showcase is to be centered around the technical nature of the project.

E-mail abner@handmade-seattle.com to discuss.

Booth Obligations

The three big requirements are:

  1. Demo must always be in a usable state; it should survive a soak test.
  2. Bring your own equipment The Seattle Center provides tables, cloths, chairs, and outlets. Handmade Seattle will also provide extension cords and multi-plugs. We cannot, however, provision machines.
  3. You will be available during the showcases With plenty of breaks. A schedule breakdown will be announced soon.

Booth Perks

  • Paid conference ticket

  • Paid lunch

  • Front row seats for panel discussions

  • Paid professional poster print

Other accommodations may be available upon request.

Ability to Travel

It is assumed that a booth owner can make it to the Seattle Center and be available Saturday, November 16th.

Sometimes a worthwhile project might be developed by someone who suffers from financial hardship. Although we can’t give a full ride, we might be able to provide some travel assistance if we accept your project but find yourself in a difficult situation.

General Announcements

Tickets will open up July 1st. We’re establishing the payment system and figuring out a reasonable pricing.

Discussions with our potential speakers and panelists have been productive! Unfortunately, coordination takes a while. Expect inspiring names announced at the same time as tickets opening up.

Lastly, we’ve already confirmed a handful of really cool demos, but as you can see we’re still looking for more :) Share this call for projects, and we’ll be back with more news this June!




Whether you're a beginner or have battle scars, the journey to master computer systems is one we may embark together.