Conference Date

We have a Date, Time, and Place

Conference is officially on Saturday November 16th, 2019

We originally planned the conference to happen in December to maximize the time preparing for an event such as this one. As it turns out, most people writing to Handmade Seattle prefer at least a month earlier; basically anything but December was desirable – especially for the Handmade folks outside the US!

We’ve hashed it out with the booking agent, to whom we also requested she find something for the weekend and thus further simplify everyone’s lives. The best option available became mid-November, November 16th, which hopefully ends up being better than a December date! Go ahead and mark those calendars!

The conference venue is the Seattle Center

The Seattle Center has a main building called the Armory that residents call the “Center of the Center.” Our event will take place at the Armory Lofts all day from 9:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m. The lofts have a maximum capacity of 300-ish people (in the subscriber e-mail I said 250, but it can actually be higher.) People can expect tickets to be limited around this range. The main layout of the conference is shown at the top (subject to change or expansion.)

Note the twenty booths are exclusively for the low-level software presentations, and the theatre on the left is to be able to sit down and listen to our industry speakers. During lunch time the Armory is already filled with places to eat but please remember we’re at the heart of Downtown Seattle. Plenty more to explore =)

What’s next?

Evidently we haven’t revealed who our industry panelists are, nor have we gone into detail on the low-level software projects. We’re still exploring and reaching out to people. As for the demos, we would like many of them to be unveiled at the conference to surprise and inspire attendees, but it would also be great to reveal a few of them early on to get a glimpse of what to expect. How that unfolds will be a result of discussions with the creators.

We’ll have much more to share on May, including tickets and pricing and all the jazz.

How do I contact you?

For conference-related matters e-mail us at To not miss any news, the reader may consider signing up to our newsletter. We limit e-mails to no more than once a month.

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