Conference Schedule and a New Speaker


We are now two months away from Handmade Seattle 2019. I believe we have less than 100 open registrations, so visit Handmade Seattle to secure your ticket!

Conference Schedule

(Optional) Friday, November 15th

  1. Handmade Hangout. This is an optional evening event which is still being planned by yours truly. Anyone who might want to meet beforehand, please stay tuned for the October newsletter. Pardon the vague teaser.

Saturday, November 16th

  1. The Lofts of the Seattle Center Armory open at 9:00 AM PST. Talk to the folks guarding the entrance and provide any legal form of identification. You may be asked the e-mail address you used when paying for a ticket. Those who requested ticket transfers will be on file too, don’t worry!

  2. Speaker lectures start around 9:30 AM PST. The doors will close after this time. Each of the four talks lasts 40 minutes, give or take a few.

  3. Lunch occurs around 12:30PM PST and will go on for 1.5 hours. The Seattle Center is full of local food chains and restaurants!

  4. At 2:00 PM PST, the Lofts will have been reorganized into a large, trade-show-style hallway. All Handmade projects will be in booths with their engineers ready for demo and open-ended discussions. This will go on for the rest of the day. Please explore and enjoy the conference!

Sunday, November 17th

There won’t be anything official this day. If you are around, something in the spirit of the conference is the Seattle Living Computer Museum which I recommend! For city things, I would visit the Columbia Center’s Sky Observatory; you’ll get a gorgeous view of the city.

New Speaker: Elizabeth Baumel

Unity engineer Elizabeth Baumel joins the speaker list! As I alluded to in the schedule, this puts us at a total of four speakers for the conference.

I enjoyed their brilliant GDC talk, Understanding Data-Oriented Design for Entity Component Systems. If you have a friend trying to compare and contrast OOP with DOD, this is the recording I would recommend. We welcome Elizabeth and you can follow their profile on Twitter here.

Setting up Project Booths

It is time to start preparing the posters and equipment for the booths. If you are presenting at the conference, expect an e-mail from me soon.

On Recordings, Livestreams, Merch

Many folks have asked whether the conference will be filmed and/or livestreamed, and whether we’ll have pins, swag or even online merch.

I placed this concern at the bottom of my priority list while learning how to organize a conference without this particular pressure. Now that everything is falling into place, I’ll start looking into this. You’ll have a response in the October newsletter.

Thank You, As Always

I’m rather excited about everything, and hope you are too. May we learn and grow as programmers.

Yours, Abner


Whether you're a beginner or have battle scars, the journey to master computer systems is one we may embark together.