Official Trailer, Fabian Giesen, and Binary Ninja!

Official Trailer

Handmade Seattle now has an official trailer:

The lion’s share of seats (100+) were taken in the first week of open registration alone, so the general admission slots are limited.

New Speaker: Fabian Giesen

On the June newsletter, we announced Chris Hargrove as one of the speakers. Unfortunately, due to unexpected scheduling conflicts, he is unable to proceed. I wish Chris well, and hope he can join us in the future.

I was already exploring opportunities for an additional speaker, and I’ve received confirmation from none other than Fabian Giesen! Known as rygorous, Fabian is of RAD Game Tools and farbrausch fame, and will be humbling us with a brand new talk. Meanwhile, check out The ryg blog.

Project Reveal: Binary Ninja

Twenty handmade projects with their engineers will be an incredibly inspiring thing. Just through the process of reaching out to these developers, my spirits have been lifted. There’s a talented cohort wanting to renew, refine and deepen our understanding of modern computer systems, and to raise the bar in software engineering. We’ve teased six of the projects on the website, and now I’m pleased to reveal a seventh: Binary Ninja, the comprehensive and interactive disassembler.

Reverse engineering platforms require low-level programming knowledge by necessity, brushing against the same topics applied to optimizing compilers and kernels. I came across Binary Ninja while studying the book Practical Binary Analysis, presented as a less expensive (and in my opinion, superior) alternative to other interactive disassemblers.

What’s Next?

We’re three months away from the conference, so the remaining monthly newsletters will mostly center around the conference schedule, informal activities, and suggestions for what to do in our beautiful city.

If you’re interested, more regular updates will appear on our new Twitter account (@handmade_seattl).

Yours, Abner


Whether you're a beginner or have battle scars, the journey to master computer systems is one we may embark together.