A Sneak Peek at Projects and Speakers

A Sneak Peek at Projects and Speakers


Handmade Seattle will demo twenty Handmade software projects, and many of them will be unveiled at the conference on Saturday, November 16th.

Below I highlight six of the Handmade projects that you will see there.

  1. LOVR - A simple and popular framework used to create VR experiences using Lua. It is written in C99, and its creator will be at the con showing real demos but also explaining the technical underpinnings of LOVR :)

  2. Principle - Principle for macOS is a project that has seen success in the space of rapid prototyping and design for interactive UI. This project doesn’t usually provide deep, technical explanations of how it works, so now’s our chance!

  3. 4coder - A customizable, native code editor, 4coder has won the hearts of many at Handmade Network, itch, and elsewhere.

  4. Ziglang - To quote the website, “Zig is a general-purpose programming language designed for robustness, optimality, and maintainability.” As someone who works as a language engineer these days, I’m excited about the goals of this project.

  5. Backtrace - Backtrace is not only a trusted and robust product, but they know how present themselves well! I hope I can draw inspiration from their presentation style, and hope that other low-level programmers do the same with their work.

  6. The Melodist - This game is a long-running project with high-quality devlogs on YouTube. I highly recommend checking the devlogs series out, and then prepare some questions for the conference!

As you can see, these projects are either free and open-source, commercial, or not fully released yet. This is the variety we can expect at Handmade Seattle.


Although the bulk of the con is project showcases, we have confirmed some speakers as well! The topics they will discuss are still being developed.

  1. Mike Acton - Mike is principal engineer at Unity Technologies and is working with groundbreaking data-oriented solutions, as well as encouraging this approach for game development.

  2. Tom Forsyth - Tom has quite an impressive work history. RAD, Valve, Oculus, Intel, you name it. And let’s just say you can expect some fascinating discussions on Larrabee / AVX512!

  3. Chris Hargrove - I have met senior engineers like Chris before back at Kennedy Space Center. They simply blow you away with their knowledge and humble demeanor. He has been a game tools engineers for a little over two decades, and if you haven’t met Chris, you’re in for a real treat.

I have one pending speaker awaiting confirmation. But even if we end up with three (say, at 1-hour each if we decide to go with individual lectures), that’s the whole morning already booked!

On Tickets

After talking to many folks, and doing the classic back-of-the-envelope calculations, Handmade Seattle is setting the regular ticket price at $50. We plan to do an early registration period at $40 per ticket.

Speaking of early registration, I originally set sales to start on July 1st. Unfortunately, the business legalese and paperwork has taken longer than expected :( The new date will likely be around independence day, give or take a couple of days.

I hope all these sneak peeks have left you feeling as excited as I am about Handmade Seattle! See you in a few months! To get the announcement for the ticket sales, consider subscribing.




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