The Showcases

Handmade Reader,

We have people coming from all over the states, internationally, and excitement keeps growing. So let’s dive straight into the juicy updates!

Speaker Topics: Confirmed

We’ve received topics from all four speakers:

  • Mike Acton: “DOD breakdown of an OOP sample.”
  • Elizabeth Baumel: “Good times with a pile of GPUs.”
  • Tom Forsyth: “Inventing an instruction set - the genesis of LarrabeeNI, Knights Corner NI, and AVX512.”
  • Fabian Giesen: “Let’s talk about queues.”

The talks will officially be recorded, thanks in great part to Neil Blakey-Milner, who was instrumental during the filming of the original Handmade Cons. I’m still figuring out live-streaming, but be prepared that it may or may not happen this year.

Showcases: Confirmed

The project booths are now listed on the home page with links to their websites. In no particular order:

  • Alxm: “Video games for different systems, old and new.”
  • Binary Ninja: “A new kind of reversing platform.”
  • Cute Headers: “Cross-platform one-file C/C++ libraries with no dependencies.”
  • IXM: “CMake library for writing modern flexible CMake.”
  • JangaFX: “Real-time VFX tools for artists and game designers.”
  • LOVR: “A virtual reality framework.”
  • Nira: “Instant real-time access to 3D assets.”
  • Odin Language: “Fast, concise, readable, pragmatic and open-sourced.”
  • Our Machinery: “We are building something…”
  • Riscy Business: “Handmade toolchain for RISC-V. Educational series.”
  • raylib: “Handmade custom tools tailored for your pipeline.”
  • Principle: “Animate your ideas, design better apps.”
  • 4coder: “Customizable native code editor.”
  • Zig Language: “Designed for robustness, optimality, and maintainability.”
  • The Melodist: “A game world where the lines of music and physical reality are blurred.”

You’ll be able to interact, face-to-face, with the creators and their demos. Some of them are building out new features just for the occasion!

In addition, we’d like to announce we’ve reserved 5 of the 20 available booths for more informal show-and-tell tables, labelled A through E. It’s a popular idea that was suggested really often, so we decided to make it happen:

  • Show-and-Tell Tables A-E: Discuss in-progress work, polished or unpolished, in front of an interested audience. You plug your laptop for a while and run with it, and we rotate between different guests. Curious? E-mail to register.

Ticket Sponsoring

Over time, generous people have already offered or expressed a desire to sponsor people in difficult situations by purchasing them a pass. If you’ve found ticket prices to be a roadblock and have general issues with attendance, e-mail to discuss.

Other Updates

  1. For the optional Friday hangout, I realized we can’t possibly handle dozens of folks in a small restaurant, so this is still being figured out.
  2. Remember the conference will be at the Seattle Center Armory. Third floor, starting at 9AM. We used to say it was the second floor, but the Seattle Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) were helpful in correcting us.
  3. People asked to support the conference by getting some merch. However, we’ve tabled that idea for now.

It’s almost November, holy cow. Expect one more newsletter a few days before the big event.




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